The Benefits Of Chromotherapy

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The Benefits Of Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is a spiritually-based therapy that uses a visible spectrum of colors to heal ailments. This holistic practice seeks to heal your mind and body in an integrated process. 

In this guide, we’ll go over what chromotherapy is and the benefits you can expect. Let’s get started! 

Chromotherapy: An Overview


Chromotherapy dates back to Ancient Egypt. This practice was the realm of the ibis-headed god Thoth. He was considered the author of both science and magic. Through this holistic practice, ancient Egyptians used dyes and gemstones to treat a wide variety of conditions.

This practice was used in other countries like China, Greece, and India. They used colors as medicine to treat illnesses, chronic pain, and injuries. In Greece, for instance, red was associated with blood and believed to help improve circulation. Blue cooled the blood and could stop the bleeding, while yellow soothed muscular inflammation. 

In Indian Ayurvedic systems of medicine, colors are associated with particular chakras or energy centers in the body. Though Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient system, these color associations are still used in modern chromotherapy. 

The Effects Colors Have in Modern Chromotherapy Chromotherapy - Sweat It Studio (1)

We know that visible light contains the full spectrum of colors. A specific color is an isolated frequency of electromagnetic waves. Chromotherapy practitioners believe that charge quantization means that each wave frequency carries a particular kind of energy and that these kinds of energy can be used in healing. 

Here’s a brief guide on the colors used in modern chromotherapy and the benefits you can expect:

  • Red. This color is associated with the root chakra, also called Muladhara. It stimulates blood circulation, which increases metabolism, promotes healing, and improves vitality. 
  • Orange. This is the color of the sacral chakra or Svadhisthana. Orange is a very stimulating color that increases the appetite and improves digestion. It can also ease menstrual cramps and quiet muscle spasms.
  • Yellow. This color is connected with Manipura, also called the solar plexus chakra. Yellow is a joyful color that improves mental concentration and stimulates the muscles. It also stimulates bile, which aids in clearing blockages in the kidneys or liver.
  • Green. This color connects with the heart chakra or Anahata. Lying in the middle of the visible spectrum, green is the color of balance. It calms the nerves, promotes wound healing, and helps to protect the heart.
  • Blue. Connected with Vishuddha, or the throat chakra, the color blue has a soothing effect and is great for resetting your circadian rhythms and improving sleep. It can also help you with any communication or speech problems you have.
  • Indigo. Ajna, or the third eye chakra, is the color indigo’s domain. Indigo enhances intuition, clears the sinuses, and has an antibacterial effect. It promotes learning, as well, which makes it great for students.
  • Violet. This color is connected with the crown chakra or Sahasrara. Purple, often considered the most spiritual color, can help generate feelings of well-being and unity with the world. It also calms the nervous system and depresses your appetite.

A Whole Body Experience

Chromotherapy - Sweat It Studio (2)

Chromotherapy is a holistic process that treats your body and mind as one. It engages your senses, mind, and physical body to promote healing and a sense of well-being and connection with the world.

If you’re ready to broaden your holistic wellness practice and accelerate your body’s own healing process, your journey awaits at  Sweat It Infrared Sauna Studio

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