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For centuries, healers have turned to warmth to help ease their patients’ pains. The ancient Greeks and Romans were particularly fond of their laconicas, literally translated as “sweating rooms.” Heat—and the sweat that comes with it—has long been a means of getting rid of impurities, soothing aching muscles, and cleansing the skin. For generations, medical practitioners have advocated spending time in a sauna as a way to ease their patients’ discomfort, improve their circulation, and even alleviate their stress and anxieties. Far be it from us to argue with history.

But traditional saunas aren’t for everyone. Yes, all saunas are hot, but sitting in one shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful. And let’s face it, hanging out with strangers clad only in a towel—during a pandemic—isn’t the safest or most relaxing way to spend 30 minutes. A sauna experience should be therapeutic, physically and mentally. Sweat It’s infrared sauna suites provide a private space for you to relax and enjoy the healing properties of heat. That heat is a cozy 140 degrees, about 60 degrees cooler than an old-fashioned steam sauna. Infrared light provides the heat, warming you from the inside out and rejuvenating your muscles, tissues and skin.

Sweat It’s infrared sauna suites aren’t a miracle cure. But we’re learning more and more about the benefits of infrared every day. Promising studies have shown that infrared heat has had a positive impact on people with joint pain, high blood pressure, and even more serious conditions like Type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, Infrared treatments, due to the deep penetration and increased circulation, can assist alleviating troublesome skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. This is because the infrared therapy helps remove dead skin cells, deliver nutrient supplies to the epidermis, push out toxins from the skin, support and strengthen the immune system, decrease stress, and promote relaxation. Sweat It combines traditional, time-tested heat therapy with the modern technology of infrared light to deliver maximum healing power to your entire body.

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Whether you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance, remedy a nagging ailment, or simply seeking a new way to relax your body and mind, Sweat It’s infrared sauna suites are a perfect solution.

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