The Ultimate Muscle Recovery After Your Workout.

You’re not afraid of a little sweat. In fact, you cringe at the thought of a day without it. Whether you’re racking up miles on the bike or maxing out on the weight bench, fitness isn’t just your hobby—it’s your way of life. But all of those reps and all of that roadwork comes with a price. Sore muscles, inflamed joints, and all that time spent recovering are slowing you down.

A Sweat It session can do what traditional saunas can’t. Infrared light warms those aching muscles better than any ointment—or any standard sauna, for that matter. Infrared light warms your body by penetrating soft tissue and raising your core temperature, getting your muscles and joints the heat they need to recover and heal. You won’t have to worry about feeling cooked right after you've had a hard workout—the temperature in an infrared sauna is a balmy 140 degrees, up to 60 degrees lower than an old-fashioned sauna. You’ll also get the benefits of an elevated heart rate, which means that while you’re recovering, you’re still burning calories—up to 600 an hour. (We won’t blame you if you want to skip a gym day and come sweat it out with us.)

Best Infrared Spa for Improving Muscle Recovery


Sweat It Sessions By The Numbers

Whether you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance, remedy a nagging ailment, or simply seeking a new way to relax your body and mind, Sweat It’s infrared sauna suites are a perfect solution.

The percentage of toxins sweated out per session

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